CC-Link/ FANC Cable Series (FANC-110SBH, FANC-110SBZ-5, …)




s Double shield, 10Mbps transmission, RS-485 compliance

s Availability in a large variety of types to meet various application

s The movable type FANC-110SBZ-5 cable is designed so that its transmittable
distance is 50% that of its standard counterpart.

※The use of the cable at high ambient temperature may cause its transmittable
distance to be shortened

※The PW110SBH’s power pair (0.75㎟ ) is required to be used at a voltage less
than 100V in such applications as DC24V power supply for remote I/O.

Product image:
1. Standard Product - FANC-110SBH 3X20AWG
2. Flexible CC link Cable FANC-110SBZ-5 3X0.5mm2

3. CClink hybrid cable with power cord - PW110SBH




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