Cáp KRL-45/CM





s Cables designed to UL, cUL standards

s Corresponding to NFPA70 and NFPA79(Type CM for Communications Circuits/Type CL3 for Power-Limited Circuits)

s Oil resistance, heat resistance, flexible, movable

s Fine conductor

Temperature range:

Fixed:-20 〜80℃

Flexing:0 〜80℃

※If you use it in temperature less than 0℃ , you should be careful about shocks, flexure, vibration and so on.

Bending radius:

Fixed:4 times or more of the cable diameter

Flexing:7.5 times or more of the cable diameter

RoHS Directive: Conformity

※ If you would like to know the detail of how to wiring in USA, you should refer to NFPA70 and NFPA79.


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