Let’s join SEV to learn how to wire electrical cables properly and safely under direct instructions from our manufacturer KURAMO:

  • When connecting, the bending radius of the cable must be as large as possible.
    • The bending radius should be based on more than 7.5 times the outside diameter.
  • In case the cable needs to be bent for wiring, you need to ensure the bending degree of freedom as well as pay attention to the length and angle of the cable.
  • When wiring a plurality of cables, do not fasten the bending part with a cable tie or other similar devices (especially when the cables are different in terms of the outside diameter).
  • If the cable must be fastened and bent for wiring, do not bend the fastened part too strongly.
  • When attaching the connector to the cable, use a sheath or other similar devices to support the cable.
  • When attaching the connector to the cable, ensure that the contact part of the cable is protected against oil.
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